Kirby: Genesis: Silver Star, Vol. 1 (SC)

Kirby: Genesis: Silver Star, Vol. 1 (SC)

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(W) Jai Nitz (A) Johnny Desjardins (CA) Alex Ross
Silver Star is the story of Morgan Miller, the first bio-engineered superhuman. Tasked with finding "The Others," Silver Star put together a rag-tag family of powerful individuals in a newly post-superhuman world. Thirty years ago the king of comics, Jack Kirby, created, wrote, and drew the adventures of "homo-geneticus" and what an all-powerful superhuman meant to war, society, and death. This story is the continuing adventures of the most powerful man on the planet and what he's been up to for thirty years. He's been busy!

Collecting Kirby: Genesis - Silver Star #1-6 along with a complete cover gallery featuring Alex Ross, Jae Lee and Mark Buckingham.
144 Pages
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