The Boys, Vol. 7: The Innocents (SC)

The Boys, Vol. 7: The Innocents (SC)

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(W) Garth Ennis (A) Russell Braun (CA) Darick Robertson So where are the good superheroes? The warriors for truth and justice, the defenders of the American way? The supes can't all be dirtbags... can they? Meet the true heroes of The Boys' universe, the young men and women who fight to make things right and ask nothing in return: the teenage adventurers from our far future that the world knows as SUPERDUPER! Meanwhile, convinced that Hughie was never what he seemed, Butcher goes to see the Legend... and sets something terrible in motion for our little Scots pal. The Innocents reprints The Boys issues #39-47, along with a complete cover gallery by artist Darick Robertson. MATURE THEMES

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Verlag Dynamite Entertainment
Sprache Englisch
Format: Softcover
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ISBN: 9781606901502, 1606901508

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