The Lone Ranger, Vol. 3: Scorched Earth (HC)

The Lone Ranger, Vol. 3: Scorched Earth (HC)

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(W) Brett Matthews (A) Sergio Cariello (CA) John Cassaday Dynamite Entertainment continues its acclaimed run of The Lone Ranger from writer Brett Matthews, cover artist John Cassaday, artist Sergio Cariello and colorist Marcelo Pinto! Collected here for the first time, Volume Three features issues 12-16 and includes "Scorched Earth" which finds The Ranger and Tonto drawing closer to Cavendish, while the world around them explodes in fire and murder along with "Ostinato" which provides a look inside the mind of the West's most brutal and complex villain - Butch Cavendish.

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Seiten 128
Verlag Dynamite Entertainment
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN: 9781606900314, 1606900315

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