Tarzan: Jesse Marsh's Years, Vol. 4 (Dark Horse Archives) (HC)

Tarzan: Jesse Marsh's Years, Vol. 4 (Dark Horse Archives) (HC)

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Gaylord DuBois (W) and Jesse Marsh (A) In the late 1940s, Dell Publishing assembled a new comics team that would leave an indelible impression on millions of young readers. For the next nineteen years, Jesse Marsh-an "artist's artist"-and Gaylord DuBois created an absorbing jungle world for Edgar Rice Burroughs's most famous character. The realism and consistent quality in their collaboration remain influential to countless comics artists today. o This archive series has been in the works for years, and Dark Horse is pleased to introduce-and reintroduce!-fans and collectors to classic Golden Age adventure stories that have been out of print since their original publication.

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