Tarzan: Jesse Marsh's Years, Vol. 3 (Dark Horse Archives) (HC)

Tarzan: Jesse Marsh's Years, Vol. 3 (Dark Horse Archives) (HC)

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Gaylord DuBois (W) and Jesse Marsh (A) The world's first Tarzan comic books are back in print at last! Jesse Marsh remains one of the great, unsung artists of comics history, even though his straightforward realism was admired by such comics legends as Russ Manning and Alex Toth. Marsh's nineteen-year collaboration with writer Gaylord DuBois defined Edgar Rice Burroughs's iconic jungle lord for an entire generation of young readers, and the massive body of work they produced continues to influence comic artists to this day. Reproducing the now-hard-to-find and pricey issues for fans, this archive series will collect issues #11-#16.

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Seiten 240
Verlag Dark Horse Books
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN-13: 9781595823793

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