Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D., Vol. 3 (Dark Horse Archives) (HC)

Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D., Vol. 3 (Dark Horse Archives) (HC)

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RUSS MANNING (W/A), ROBERT SCHAEFER (W), and ERIC FREIWALD (W) In the year 4000, when the human race is threatened by robots that would enslave mankind, one man alone has the power to fight back: Magnus, Robot Fighter! Dark Horse delivers another fantastic collection of rare classics from a comics legend! Russ Manning, famous for his spectacular work on the Tarzan newspaper strips of the late sixties, brought fans his "Tarzan of the future" in Magnus, Robot Fighter. While his work on the original comic series lasted only twenty-one issues, Manning's creation has survived generations, influencing countless science fiction artists and writers to this day. Fans of Alex Raymond, Mac Raboy, or Wally Wood should not miss this beautifully bound hardcover-the third Magnus archival collection and the latest addition to Dark Horse's line of science fiction classics.

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Verlag Dark Horse Books
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN-13: 9781593073398

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