Batman/Superman, Vol. 4: Siege (HC)

Batman/Superman, Vol. 4: Siege (HC)

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(W) Greg Pak (A) Ardian Syaf & Various (CA) Ardian Syaf, Danny Miki Who is Superman's Joker? It seems it's the unseen terror, who makes the battle personal for Superman by attacking all things related to the Man of Steel! Together, Batman and Superman start to track down suspects but the true identity of the villain will shock you! No one is safe when the one you're hunting has no discernible motive or pattern! Collects BATMAN/SUPERMAN #16-20, ANNUAL #2 and BATMAN/SUPERMAN: FUTURES END #1.

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Seiten 200
Verlag DC Comics
Format: Hardcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN: 9781401257552, 1401257550

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