Aquaman, Vol. 5: Sea of Storms (The New 52) (SC)

Aquaman, Vol. 5: Sea of Storms (The New 52) (SC)

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(W) Jeff Parker, Charles Soule (A) Paul Pelletier & Various (CA) Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons "Sea of Storms" is collected from AQUAMAN #26-32 and ANNUAL #2! Aquaman faces a forgotten Atlantean legend: the Karaqan! A massive crustacean of incredible power, the Karaqan once served the King of Atlantis but now poses one of his greatest threats. And when Aquaman's trident is stolen, a host of ancient evils is freed from a mysterious portal along with the Greek demigod Hercules!

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Seiten 208
Verlag DC Comics
Sprache Englisch
Format: Softcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN: 9781401254407, 1401254403

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