Green Lantern, Vol. 5: Test of Wills (The New 52) (HC)

Green Lantern, Vol. 5: Test of Wills (The New 52) (HC)

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(W) Robert Venditti & Various (A) Billy Tan & Various (CA) Billy Tan Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern in the history of the Corps, has lost everything. Friends have died, Oa has been destroyed, and now he must say goodbye to Earth! As war threatens to dismantle the Green Lantern Corps, Hal does the unthinkable: He asks for help. Can he and a handpicked team of Lanterns remove a deadly weapon from the enemy's arsenal, or will they be dealt their first defeat? Collects GREEN LANTERN #27-34 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS #31-33!

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Seiten 256
Verlag DC Comics
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN: 9781401250898, 1401250890

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