X-Men: Curse of the Mutants: Mutants vs. Vampires (HC)

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants: Mutants vs. Vampires (HC)

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Written by CHUCK KIM, SIMON SPURRIER, DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI & VARIOUS Penciled by CHRIS BACHALO, GABRIEL HERNANDEZ WALTA, TIM GREEN & VARIOUS Cover by NICK BRADSHAW Lock your doors, board up the windows, arm yourselves with stakes and sunlight...and it still won't protect you when the vampires stalking the X-Men set their sights on YOU! This is one collection with bite! In STORM & GAMBIT, the X-Men have just discovered a means for stemming the vampire invasion of San Francisco - but what they need is in the clutches of the bloodsuckers themselves. Luckily, they have two thieves in their employ that may just be able pull off such a heist! In SMOKE AND BLOOD, the members of the X-Men's Science Team find themselves in over their heads when a vampire brought into their lab for examination escapes. It's going to take more than a doctoral degree in biochemistry for them to survive this night! And in BLADE, when someone starts killing vampire slayers all over the world, Blade - the biggest, baddest slayer of them all - gathers an emergency assault team to blitz the bloodsucker underground and force answers out of whoever's not reduced to a pile of smoking ash! Also featuring eight more all-new tales of horror to sink your teeth into - plus "Night Screams," from UNCANNY X-MEN #159, the classic saga of Storm's struggle with Dracula himself by Claremont and Sienkiewicz! Collecting X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - STORM & GAMBIT, X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - SMOKE AND BLOOD, X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - BLADE and X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - X-MEN VS. VAMPIRES #1-2.

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Seiten 192
Verlag Marvel
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover, Premiere Edition
Zustand: neu
ISBN: 9780785152941

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