X-Men: Worlds Apart (HC)

X-Men: Worlds Apart (HC)

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Written by CHRISTOPHER YOST Penciled by DIOGENES NEVES Cover by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL Over the course of her life, STORM has been many things: A thief. A goddess. An X-Man. A Wife. A Queen. But not until now have these roles come into conflict. When a mutant commits a mysterious murder in Wakanda, Storm takes it upon herself to investigate. And what she discovers will force her into a position where she must choose: Will she stand with the X-Men or with her husband? Writer Chris Yost (X-FORCE, NEW X-MEN) and up-and-coming artist Diogenes Neves bring you the series that will change Storm forever. Plus, relive the beginnings of the Black Panther and Storm romance with reprints of landmark issues MARVEL TEAM-UP #100 and BLACK PANTHER #26. Collecting X-MEN: WORLDS APART #1-4.

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Verlag: Marvel
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover
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