Marvel Premiere Classic, Vol. 27: Spider-Man: Torment (HC)

Marvel Premiere Classic, Vol. 27: Spider-Man: Torment (HC)

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Written by TODD MCFARLANE Penciled by TODD MCFARLANE Cover by TODD MCFARLANE Blood washes the streets of the Big Apple. Torment plunges Spider-Man into the darkness within us all as he hunts the Lizard through the streets and sewers of New York City, trying to put an end to the bloodthirsty, homicidal rampage left in his wake. But what is driving the Lizard? Is it an answer that Spider-Man is prepared to face? Or will it be so shocking that it will make even the most courageous hero question his sanity? Torment is a terrifying, action-packed epic that made -- and continues to make -- comic history! Collecting SPIDER-MAN #1-5 and MARVEL AGE #0.

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Marvel Comics, Hardcover, englischsprachig, Zustand neu, ISBN: 9780785137924

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