Avengers - The Initiative, Vol. 2: Killed in Action (HC)

Avengers - The Initiative, Vol. 2: Killed in Action (HC)

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Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by STEFANO CASELLI Cover by JIM CHEUNG Training is almost over for our cadets. Some will graduate. Some will washout. And, yes, some WILL die! And with the clock ticking on the first class of recruits, get ready to meet the next batch! Including new Marvels, old Marvels, at least one SKRULL and...THE IRREDEEMABLE GIANT-MAN!? Also, with the Gauntlet out of commission, just wait until you meet Camp Hammond's new Drill Instructor - he's a real Taskmaster! Collecting AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #7-13 and ANNUAL #1.

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Seiten 208
Verlag Marvel
Sprache Englisch
Format: Hardcover, Premiere Edition
Zustand: neu
ISBN-10: 0785128689
ISBN-13: 9780785128687

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