Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day, Vol. 2 (HC)

Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day, Vol. 2 (HC)

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Spider-Man’s Brand New Day continues, with more all-new adventures. Two new creative teams join the fray as writers Bob Gale (the Back to the Future trilogy) and Zeb Wells (HEROES FOR HIRE) rock Spidey’s world along with new artists Phil Jimenez (NEW X-MEN), Chris Bachalo (X-MEN) and Barry Kitson (THE ORDER). Peter confronts major changes at the Daily Bugle while New York is under siege by a blizzard, and a new villain, Freak, rampages through town. If he hopes to stand a chance against this new threat, Spider-Man is going to have to enlist the help of his New Avengers teammates! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #552-558.

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Marvel Comics, Hardcover, englischsprachig, Zustand neu, ISBN: 9780785128441

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