Essential: Spider-Woman, Vol. 2 (SC)

Essential: Spider-Woman, Vol. 2 (SC)

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Written by MICHAEL FLEISHER, J.M. DEMATTEIS, CHRIS CLAREMONT, STEVE LEIALOHA, ANN NOCENTI &STEVEN GRANT Penciled by STEVE LEIALOHA, JERRY BINGHAM, MIKE ESPOSITO, ERNIE CHAN, FRANK SPRINGER, JIM MOONEY, BRUCE PATTERSON, AL GORDON, TERRY AUSTIN, BOB WIACEK, BRIAN POSTMAN, CARMINE INFANTINO, DAVE COCKRUM & JOE RUBINSTEIN Cover by STEVE LEIALOHA The first part of Spider-Woman's career concludes as her collection of challenges and crises is completed! Some of Marvel's most stupendous scribes set the heroine against Morgan le Fay, the Viper, Gypsy Moth and other fearsome foes, forgotten or otherwise! Plus: the first appearances of X-Factor's Siryn and X-Force's Caliban! But after tearing through a gauntlet of magicians, mad scientists, murder and mystery, what final fate awaits the webbed wonder? Guest-starring Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men and the Werewolf! Collecting SPIDER-WOMAN #26-50, MARVEL TEAM-UP #97 and UNCANNY X-MEN #148.

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Marvel Comics, Softcover, englischsprachig, Zustand neu, ISBN: 9780785127017

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