New Avengers, Vol. 7: The Trust (HC)

New Avengers, Vol. 7: The Trust (HC)

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Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL YU & CARLO PAGULAYAN Cover by LEINIL YU The New Avengers have found a huge clue to the threat that has faced them since the day they banded together; now just the knowledge of that threat is tearing them apart. What secret could be so damning that it could do to the New Avengers what the Civil War could not? This volume ties into or wraps up threads from CIVIL WAR, WORLD WAR HULK, both AVENGERS titles and the upcoming SECRET INVASION! Collecting NEW AVENGERS #32-37 and ANNUAL #2.

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Marvel Comics, Hardcover, englischsprachig, Zustand neu, ISBN: 9780785125020

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