X-Statix, Vol. 3: Back from the Dead (SC)

X-Statix, Vol. 3: Back from the Dead (SC)

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Cover & pencils by MIKE ALLRED
Deceased Europan Pop sensation Henrietta Hunter is back from the dead and on her comeback tour - and it's up to the celebrity mutant super-team X-Statix to keep her alive ... again! Can the fame-hungry team of super-mutants take a backseat to the white-hot celebrity - especially when she becomes team leader? And where does a certain wall-crawling Spider-Man fit into all of this? Celebrated writer Peter Milligan constructs a poignant and intelligent allegory for life as a celebrity in the 21st century! Plus: Dead-Girl is spotlighted; and the debut of the team's newest member, the Latino heartthrob El Guapo! Ay papi!
Collects X-STATIX #11-18!

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Seiten 192
Verlag Marvel Comics
Sprache Englisch
Format: Softcover
Zustand: neu
ISBN: 9780785111405, 0785111409

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