Avengers: West Coast Avengers: Sins of the Past (HC)

Avengers: West Coast Avengers: Sins of the Past (HC)

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Written by STEVE ENGLEHART, MARK BRIGHT & DANNY FINGEROTH Penciled by AL MILGROM, MARK BRIGHT & STEVE DITKO Covers by AL MILGROM & ALEX SAVIUK It's the greatest heroes of the left coast! Hawkeye! Mockingbird! Tigra! The Thing! Wonder Man! Iron Man! Hank Pym! Firebird! See these unlikely allies take on the quirky and deadly threats of Graviton, Headlok, the Griffin, Razorfist, Zzzax, Master Pandemonium, Whirlwind and more! Guest-starring Nick Fury and the Cat People! Collecting WEST COAST AVENGERS (1985) #10-16 and ANNUAL #1, and AVENGERS ANNUAL #15.

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Marvel Comics, Hardcover, englischsprachig, Zustand neu, ISBN: 0785159002 9780785159001

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